Mind The Gap

, , | 27th February 2015

If you can watch this video to the end without a tear in your eye, then you are tougher than I. It has reached the official selection for the 2015 London Short Film Festival and is based on a true story. The following explanation was written in 2013 – originally in German – by Konstantin […]

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Treasure Hunt

, | 14th December 2014

Treasure Hunt was a British television show in the 1980s, inspired by an idea from France called La Chasse au Trésor. Presenters Kenneth Kendall and (in the later episodes) Wincey Willis were joined by members of the public in the studio, to guide “sky runner” Anneka Rice to find clues and the “treasure” within 45 minutes. I […]

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Gwatt nature reserve, Thun

| 10th December 2014

I just came across a short film I made in January and posted to YouTube at the time. Filmed with my X100 and edited quickly in iMovie, it shows the – admittedly cold-looking – lake-shore nature reserve at Gwatt, some fifteen minutes’ drive from home.

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Simple alternatives to CAPTCHA

| 4th December 2014

Google announced yesterday that it’s come up with a great new way of avoiding the need for website visitors to fill out the CAPTCHA; the ubiquitous “type the letters from the image into the following field” feature of many online forms. Instead, they propose a simpler interaction based on the Turing Test principle: that some choices can […]

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| 23rd November 2014

The centre of attention for visitors to the Bay of Naples is a dormant volcano. Standing massive above the plains containing Naples, Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Pompeii, it constantly draws the eye. As a photographer, it’s pretty difficult to avoid having it as a main element in any wider landscape photo in the region. Its destructive […]

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Mark Howells-Mead